Panah Homes

panahPANAH is a home that provides shelter and solace to women who are victims of domestic and societal injustices, and empowers them to take the path of socio- economic independence. A major proportion of women housed by PANAH are married, aged between 16–30 and uneducated.

PANAH Shelter home has undertaken a very appreciable effort by providing the girls a secure place to live in along with all the necessities while also encouraging their desire to lead an independent life out of the shelter home. The girls were given an 8-week basic computer training by the Empower Foundation team where they were tutored on elementary knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Paint) and general functions of Computers. A few gaming-based sessions were held for the girls as well to help them develop greater cognition , preparing them for the real world. The experience of the team at PANAH was an eye-opener, with the realization that regardless of sorrows and hardships, every girl has the desire to learn and the positive eagerness to achieve more and live a superior life.


I want to be a computer engineer when I grow up because I love it.

— Muskan





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